who are you?

I said you have to follow me. You have to listen to me. It was all about me, until recently. And those fuckers from marigold sistems found out about it. Did she really have to talk about it? I know what the truth is. Not her. But, I respect it. Those non-believers have to be stoped.


23 Responses to “who are you?”

  1. Cain Says:

    I’d like to help you stop those non-believers. Just tell me how.

  2. BB Says:

    You are starting to creep me out. Who the F are you?

  3. Chris Says:

    can you tell me about marigold sistems? are you talking about the box?

  4. Ben Horwood Says:

    Go and die in a fire you stupid, fucking idiot.

  5. Wave Says:

    There are people willing to listen and even help, but we can’t do anything until you’re willing to trust us a little bit and let us know what it is you need and what they found out.

  6. Antikythera Says:

    To have fought so boldly for something no one ever wanted… are you too young to see this with your eyes?

  7. wiikipedia Says:

    We will stop them. The truth will be known.

  8. zoid Says:

    i believe in you. faith has always let me down but im ready for the truth that can change me. teach me and the other brothers and sisters to channel the energy and spread the truth to others. i eagerly await your response.

  9. Felton Says:

    That bitch. With her non-existent mammary glands. They found out and now they’re going to charge with guns made of non-belief. Well, hopefully. If they’re using real guns it might hurt more.

    • Cain Says:

      How the HELL did they find out about it?

      • Felton Says:

        Presumably because someone used their highly-developed respiratory control to utter sounds in a sequence indicating concrete and abstract idea structures in their general direction.

  10. aj` Says:

    this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. if you’re trying to get an ARG going, you’re not doing very well.

  11. Loki Says:

    Marigold Systems? Who are they? A quick search revealed very little, lots of options no real suspects.

  12. Mishin Says:

    You can’t hold it against her. She doesn’t know. Why don’t you try to do something to help her instead of sitting in your closet, whispering to yourself about things you can’t change?

  13. IBelieve Says:

    Why would she leak your info to the Marigold System?! Damn it.

  14. am1 Says:

    I want to hear more.

  15. wabonan Says:

    im naked

  16. Yumi Says:

    Brother, on trust alone I will follow you. The truth must be known and I am willing to help you give it to those whom it must be known to, just tell me what you need me to do.

    Together, If you’re willing to teach me your gift, we can help stop the non-believers and show them the truth of the world.

  17. Dead Says:

    Silence is compulsory. It can be voluntary or forced.

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