We go.

I looked into the stars, I waited for the message. I am in between. People are waiting for my message, and I am waiting for the message at the same time. I am forced to spend my life waiting. It makes me sick. I want you to be with me, to feel what I feel. Maybe my emptiness will not feel as big, if I share it with somebody. Would you like to join me.

I will make it easy for you. Simple and earthly. Joyful and resourceful.


I want you to say it on video or write it on paper and photograph it. If you are not ashamed, then you can participate.


9 Responses to “We go.”

  1. Dead Says:

    I have said it aloud, I have written it down and photographed it. Do you need me to share it with you? You are not alone!

  2. iknowwhathappened Says:

    Share it with me. Post all your links here. Hurry up.

  3. Dead Says:


  4. PsiCrowV2 Says:

    I’m not ashamed. Tell me what you know.

  5. BertramBosworth Says:

    What the hell?

    Got sent here on a tip for current research. Is this some kind of joke? What are you even talking about? Do you even know how much of a jerk you sound like?

    Also, what’s an ADRESTCHITLCOTL. I’ve been studying Aztec history like crazy recently, and I’m pretty sure that’s not real.

  6. BertramBosworth Says:

    I think I primarily want nothing to do with this in general. I got more important research to work on other than magical nonexistent gods.

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