Do you feel it? Everyday you wake-up and go after things you think are important. At the end of a day you feel exhausted, making you thinking if you are living, or you are just catching up, delaying the imminent crash.

You are at loss unless you believe that the skies are bringing a message of prosperity.

The box that Becka Belle has is the key.

To open it will require a series of God-driven procedures. For each
step, you will need to know which dial to turn, how much to turn it,
and some condition to get the dials to move in the first place.

There is no connection without it. Live your empty lives every day. Be assistant manager at starbucks, or manager-assistan-manager-level 3-assistant-something… or find your freedom with me.


One Response to “”

  1. wabonan Says:

    what if we say screw the gods and bust it open?…. What happens then?

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